CFR Marfă is an active member of the following railway organizations: 
  • CER - The Community of European Railways - ensures a professional connection between EU’ institutions and railways members whose interests it represents.
  • UIC - International Union of Railways - promotes the railway cooperation at global level and produces activities for developing the international rail carriage, especially on technical and account settlement issues.
  • OCCF/OSJD - Cooperation Organization of Railways OCCF was settled in 1956 and it has today members of the railways administrations from European and Asian countries. This organization promotes the development of international rail traffic, working to create an unique space for the rail carriage within the European-Asian region and to increase the competitiveness of cross-continental carriage on rail routes.
  • CIT - The International Rail Transport Commitee – is a federation made of railway and shipping companies, infrastructure operators and road carriers. It is a centre of authority for the railways in what concerns the international law on the rail carriage and its regulations on how to apply it. It is also an interface of the railways between the transport law and its application.
  • SERG - The Group of Railways in South-East Europe – is a special group of UIC created in 1989 in Belgrade. Its members are railways of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro, Albania and the ex-Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Srpska Republic and of Moldova which is observer. The purpose of the multilateral cooperation is to develop the rail carriage in the South-Eastern area of Europe and to improve the connection of railways with other segments of the transport market in Europe and Asia.  
  • INTERUNIT - The International Union of Combined Road-Rail Transport Companies - is a professional association with members from the rail-road combined transport companies of UIRR type and with railway companies which are shareholders of the above mentioned companies. 

International Governmental Organisations where Romania is a member state:

  • OTIF - The Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail - has the role to assess a homogeneous carriage regime applied to its member states.
  • The Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe CEE – ONU – where Romania is a member state. In this transport commission there are representatives of the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure, and of national railway companies as to the topics discussed on the agenda. CFR Marfa takes part in the meetings of the working groups on intermodal transports, customs, dangerous goods, rail carriage.
  • The European Agreement on Important International Combined Transport (A.G.T.C.) was signed in Geneva on the 1st February 1991. Romania signed this agreement with the approval of the Parliament by the Law no.8 of 8th March 1993.
  • The European Agreement on Main International Railway Lines (A.G.C.), signed on the 31st May 1985. Romania signed the AGC with the approval of the Parliament by the Law no.100 of 23rd September 1996. Romania was included in this agreement with four main railway lines and five additional and linking railway lines.

 Other organizations where we are cooperating: 

  • Forum Train Europe FTE – a pan-european forum on the production, planning, coordination of the timetable and on international harmonization of railway paths to be allocated to the European rail traffic.
  • Rail Net Europe RNE – an organization of European rail infrastructure managers to facilitate the traffic on the European rail infrastructure.